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Organize books with a perfect software

Lost under the piles of books in your precious collection? Desperately need help organizing books? Book collecting software is always there to help! In a nutshell, it's software, which is going to do all hard book-organizing work for you and bring order to your messy book library. Let's take All My Books.

Organizing books using this "blue-chip" software has got dramatically easier - even a toddler would be able to add a book to the library without adults' help! :) All you've got to do is enter the book title! Or you could just enter the ISBN of the book, or (if you own a bar code scanner) scan the ISBN of several books at a time and all the other stuff is going to be downloaded automatically! After picking up info, you get the info about the author, its nice cover, brief summary and other.

The program uses such authoritative Internet sources like, and other, and the program's functionality is almost unlimited due to third-party plugins. For owners of large book collections it's just a godsend, since it must be a real pain trying to organize books collected for years. The program offers you a set of nice features adding to so much appreciated easiness and quickness.

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First of all, it's appearance. You can't help admiring the skins available, as well as Virtual Shelf mode which is strikingly attractive, offering you different variants of the virtual bookshelf look. Templates are tailored to every user's taste and even mood.

Secondly, All My Books is also the simplest way to organize ebooks and audiobooks in a single library. It supports all the existing book formats. Moreover, this software allows you to start your books right from the program saving your time and effort.

Thirdly, for extensive book collections it's crucial to have advanced search options, so that you could easily find any book in your library. The program also offers quick filters which make your work with the program significantly easier and organizing books turns into entertainment.

What most users especially like about the program is the ability to print the book cards and the whole book collection making a beautiful album, since it is possible to choose which fields to include into the cards depending on the info you need.

A special pride of the program and a great feature is the directories which bring together all the info about authors, books' locations and friends. For each directory you're able to add a photo and any info you like. Besides, the program protects your books in multiple ways. It keeps track of those books you lent to friends, thanks to the loan manager. So, you will never be able to lose sight of a single book.

So, don't hesitate and jump at a chance to have some fun organizing books in your extensive diverse collection! With All My Books you have 30-day trial period. Sure, you'll have a lot of fun!